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1st beginner move

basic hops

This is the move we all start our skipping journey with


  1. First of all, do 100 hops on the balls of your feet without your rope, and do it in sync no need to change your pace in between.
  2. Now grab your rope, and adjust its length by stepping in the middle and pulling it to your armpits.
  3. We need a proper grip on the handles for perfect control over the rope. Place your thumbs down on the handle of the rope from where the rope is coming out.
  4. Now take your rope behind your body, and rotate it forward with your wrists.
  5. Wait for the rope to reach your feet, and when the rope is about to make contact with your feet or the toes, that is the moment you need to make your hop.
  6. No need to look at your feet or the rope while you are skipping, look in the front and try to make the sync in your jumps and wrist rotations.
  7. Note: This move is very important to master with perfect form and control, once we master this move then coming intermediate and advanced moves won't be that difficult to learn as we are focusing on our form, we are working on the rhythm, and creating the sync between hand speed and our jumps, rope rotations, body posture, and our footwork while hitting this move.