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Skipping is an activity performed with a skipping rope, goal is to rotate the rope with your forearms and wrists and jump over the rope when it is about to touch your feet.

Why should we jump rope?

We all want to lose weight, but sometimes we find, treadmill, and other exercises boring, because what we doing is we are repeating the same thing all the time, but this is not the case with skipping, we can have fun with skipping. We can perform different moves, and if you are a beginner then the journey to become an expert is going to be so much fun for you. Learning new moves is going to be quite challenging and satisfying for you.

8 reasons to JUPM ROPE.

  1. Jump Rope is Fun.

If you guys want to enjoy your cardio session with more benefits, then you won't find anything better than skipping. Skipping releases endorphins, which are natural mood elevators. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

The video contains a combination of a few jump rope moves, double unders, double under cross, and southpaw double unders. Every single hop over the rope will give you confidence and pleasure which you will never get from the treadmill or any other machine.

  1. Build stronger legs.

Jump rope doesn't just burn your fat, it can give you powerful and stronger legs as well just by incorporating squat jumps and lunges in your cardio sessions you will get well-shaped and stronger legs.

To hit squat jumps and lunges we need to shorter the length of our rope as we bend and hit squat jumps in a sitting position so the rope will have more friction with the ground. Always try to land on the balls of your feet for better form and rhythm.

  1. Fix body posture.

Having issues with your body posture? Having round shoulders, unwanted curves in your back, etc. Skipping is going to fix these problems as well. You just need to stay consistent with your skipping sessions.

We need to focus on our form while we are skipping, skip in front of a mirror and if there isn't a big enough mirror to monitor your whole body, start recording your skipping workout. Idol form is to push your shoulders back, chest up, elbows behind, and arms out. Stay consistent with your workout and form, and soon you will see better results.

  1. High-calorie burner.

Skipping burns more calories at a faster rate. It is a complete body workout, we are not only using our legs to hop, upper body is playing its part too, we are incorporating our arms and shoulders as well. It will improve our stamina and endurance as well but it is not going to happen overnight it will take time.

And if we are using a heavier rope then it is going to make the session more intense. A heavy rope will activate our core, shoulders, biceps, and forearms more.

  1. Improved coordination and agility.

Skipping requires coordination between your hands and feet, enhancing your motor skills and overall coordination. It also improves balance, flexibility, and agility.

You need to stay focused and attentive, the speed of our hands and feet vary accordingly. The speed of our hands and feet are directly proportional to each other. We can not rotate the rope fast with our hands and our feet slow. We will end up tripping over the rope, we need to keep the process in sync. That is why we need to be focused and it will eventually improve our coordination.

  1. Bone density and strength.

Jumping rope is a weight-bearing exercise that puts stress on your bones, promoting bone density and strength. Regular skipping can help prevent conditions like osteoporosis and improve bone health.

It is low-impact and proven to strengthen your joints. It doesn't smash your knees up, because what we are doing is we are actually bouncing on our toes, we are staying on the balls of our feet, and we are focusing on our landing to be as soft as possible. Stay on the balls of your feet while jumping and it will help you with your bone density and strengthing of your joints.

  1. Convenience and affordability.

Skipping requires minimal equipment—a jump rope—and can be done almost anywhere. It is a cost-effective exercise option that doesn't require a gym membership or expensive equipment.

It is both an indoor and outdoor activity. This is the best thing about jumping rope. We can perform it anywhere, what we need is a jump rope, pair of shoes, and a proper surface to jump on, so our knees and our rope doesn't get any negative impact. You will never miss your workout session. If it is raining outside we can stay at home and perform our workout session with our jump rope, no need to go to the gym or anywhere.

  1. Makes you look cool 😎.

This one is my favorite reason, once you get into those combos, once you start creating your own combinations by incorporating different skipping tricks or moves, you guys will fall in love with skipping. I sometimes do skipping without any reason, sometimes I just want to hit cool- looking moves and combos.

You can motivate people towards skipping because it looks cool and challenging at the same time. People will come to you and will appreciate you for your skills and the time which you have put it to master your craft.

I started skipping because of the same reason, I saw people hitting-cool looking moves and combinations, and I just started to do my thing also.


  • How To Jump Rope

    1. If you are a complete beginner then you need to perform shadow skipping, do not directly start with the rope.
    2. Take your arms out, elbows behind, and assume that you have your rope in your hands, now start rotating your forearms. Do not use your whole arm, keep your shoulders at rest, and hop on the balls of your feet while rotating your arms.
    3. Keep your landing soft no need to jump too high, and do not jump rope flat-footed. Stay on the balls of your feet.
    4. Adjust the rope length, step in the middle of your rope, and now pull or stretch the handles of the rope to your armpits.
    5. Make sure that your rope is making proper contact with the surface you are skipping on, it should make a clipping sound.
    6. There must be a little dragging of the rope on the surface, if it is not dragging, then your rope is too short, and if the rope is making too much of contact with the surface then your rope is too long.
    7. Do not go for the speed, you will get it with the time and consistency. Work on your form instead. Record your skipping sessions or skip in front of a mirror if you have a big enough to monitor your whole body.


    1. If you recently or had any joint or any other injury or deformity in the past, first consult your doctor, and then start your skipping journey.
    2. For the first month keep your skipping session limited to 10 or 15 minutes to avoid excess pressure on your shins, later you can extend it in accordance with your likes and need.
    3. Proper shock-absorbing sports shoes are needed to make the landing soft.
    4. Wear a sports bra while skipping to avoid saggy breasts.
    5. Take care of the surface you are skipping on, it should not be too hard. You can go for the skipping mats for the well-being of your knees and rope as well.

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